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JSI Tip 3142. When restoring a NTBackup, you receive 'Warning: The Restore Destination Device...'?

When you use NTBackup to restore, you receive:

        Warning: The restore destination device does not support some file system features of the original device.
        Some data may not be restored as a result.
If you continue, some files may NOT be restored?

If the drive that you backed up used the NTFS file system, and a file has attributes that requires NTFS, and you are restoring to a non-NTFS partition, you will encounter this message and skipped files.

You must restore to a NTFS partition if you wish to restore files that have unique NTFS attributes, such as encryption.

NOTE: See tip 2329 ยป Who encryted 'Myfile.txt' and who is the Recovery Agent?

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