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JSI Tip 3068. NTBackup does NOT re-tension tapes on a multi-tape backup set?

When you use the Windows 2000 backup, only the first tape of the multi-tape backup set is re-tensioned?

RSM mounts the first tape and NTBackup issues a re-tension command, but it does NOT issue the command on subsequent tapes in the backup set.

To workaround the problem, tapes that you wish to re-tension must NOT be part of a multi-tape backup set:

1. Use RSM to Eject all tapes in the backup set.

2. Start NTBackup.

3. Press the Restore tab.

4. Right-click the the catalog that you wish to re-tension and press Delete from System.

5. Insert the next tape that use wish to re-tension. Press Allocate this media ... to create a new catalog.

6. On the NTBackup Restore tab, right-click the new catalog and press Re-tension.

7. Allow the re-tensioning to complete.

Repeat this procedure for each tape you wish to re-tension. When they are all complete:

1. Eject the last tape and delete its' catalog.

2. Insert the first tape of the multi-tape backup set and press Allocate this media to Backup now, which creates a new catalog that can be used to restore data from the multi-tape backup set.

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