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JSI Tip 2935. Windows 2000 NTBackup creates temporary files on networked Windows NT and Windows 2000 clients?

If you run Windows 2000 NTBackup to backup Windows NT and/or Windows 2000 client computers, over the network, using Administrator or Backup Operator privileges, NTBackup creates temporary Reg0xxxx files, which are NOT deleted, for each registry or profile file backed up. These files are generally located in a folder which is one level above these registry or profile files.

If you do NOT delete these files, they will eventually consume considerable disk space.

On Windows NT, these Reg0xxxx files are generally located in the \System32 and \Profile folder.

On Windows 2000, the Reg0xxxx files are generally located in the \System32 and
\Documents and Settings\<Logged On UserID>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft
and \Documents and Settings folder.

I recommend that you delete these files at the end of your backup batch. For Windows NT 4.0 clients, include:

del /q \\<NT4ComputerName>\Admin$\Profiles\Reg0*.*
del /q \\<NT4ComputerName>\Admin$\System32\Reg0*.*

For Windows 2000 clients, include:

del /q \\<Windows2000ComputerName>\Admin$\System32\Reg0*.*
del /q /s "\\<Windows2000ComputerName>\c$\Documents and Settings\REG0*.*" /s

If you Windows 2000 client was upgraded from Windows NT, include:

del /q \\<Windows2000ComputerName>\Admin$\Profiles\Reg0*.*

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