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JSI Tip 2574. Windows 2000 backup is very slow and verification may fail when using an ATAPI (IDE) tape drive?

In addition to the subject difficulties, you may receive an error similar to:

Unsafe Removal of Device

You have unplugged or ejected a device without stopping it. Unplugging or ejecting devices without first stopping them can often cause your computer to crash and loose valuable data. To safely unplug or eject any of the following devices, first use the Hardware wizard in the Control Panel to stop the device.

Tape drive -or- CD-ROM drive.

If you frequently need to unplug this device, Windows can give you an icon on the taskbar to quickly unplug or eject your device. If you would like to use this option, check the following:

Show Unplug/Eject icon on the taskbar.

If your tape drive shares an IDE channel with a CD-ROM, Windows 2000 polls the CD-ROM every second looking for media changes.

The best solution is to replace the IDE tape drive with a SCSI tape drive on the HCL.

The other solution is to turn off CD Autorun using tip 2316 and links.

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