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JSI Tip 2003. Backup/Restore the System State on your Windows 2000 server.

Backing up a Windows 2000 registry is insufficient. You must backup the System State.

When you backup the System State on a Domain Controller, the following is backed up:

Active Directory (NTDS) 
The boot files 
The COM+ class registration database 
The registry 
The system volume (SYSVOL)
The metabase.
When you back up the System State on a member server or workstation:
The Boot file
The COM+ class registration database 
The registry
The metabase.
When Certificate Server is installed on your server, it is included in the System State.

Since Backup can use disk as a media, there is no excuse for not scheduling a daily Normal System State backup. To do this:

01. Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Backup / Backup tab

02. Check the System State.

03. Schedule Jobs / Add Job.

04. Click Yes to Files and folders are already selected......

05. Click Next and Next.

06. Select your media and Media or file name. Click Next.

07. Select Normal and click Next.

08. If you are backing up to disk, there is no need to verify. Click Next.

09. Click Replace the data.... and Check the security feature. Click Next.

10. Change the Media and Backup labels. Click Next.

11. Set Account Information and press OK.

12. Click Later and name this daily job. Press Set Schedule.

13. Set the Scheduled Task to Daily and set the Start time.

14. Press Next and Finish.

To restore a Domain Controller, you must boot to Directory Service Restore mode, by pressing F8 during the boot process. A member server or workstation doesn't require this.

During the restore, the System State is NOT restored if:

1. The %SystemDrive% letter has changed.

2. The %SystemRoot% folder has changed names.

3. The Sysvol and/or Active Directory has changed drive letters. If they are not located on the %SystemRoot% volume, they must exist.

4. If the %SystemRoot% is not the default, see Q235478.

To perform the Directory Service Restore:

01. Press F8 during boot.

02. Select the Directory Service Restore mode.

03. Select the installation you wish to restore.

04. At the logon, provide the Directory Service Restore credentials, the ones you provided during Dcpromo.

05. Click OK to the Safe mode message.

06. Start / Programs / Accessories / System Tools / Backup / Restore tab.

07. Select the backup media / System State.

08. Select Original Location.

09. Press Start Restore.

10. Restart your computer after the restore.

NOTE: See tip 4586 » How do I perform an authoritative restore of a Windows 2000(+) domain controller?

NOTE If you choose an alternate location or single file, the System State is partially restored.

NOTE: See tip 3200 » How do I recover Windows 2000?

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