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Desktop Backup/Recovery/Archive Software - 23 Aug 2005

Desktop Backup/Recovery/Archive Software. As you might expect, this subcategory includes a multiplicity of products and vendors, all competing fiercely to differentiate their solutions. Out of a packed field, readers named VERITAS Software's VERITAS Backup Exec for Windows Servers as their number-one choice for desktop backup/recovery/archive software. VERITAS (now part of Symantec) touts the wizard-based simplicity and fast disk-based backup and recovery capabilities in VERITAS Backup Exec 10 for Windows Servers, the most recent version of the product, and readers apparently agree. "The new version is much improved with fewer errors when backing up to disk," says one reader, while another praises the product for its "simple, standard .zip format and great on-the-fly comparison status."

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