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Designing a Backup and Recovery Strategy

Developing and implementing a backup and recovery strategy for your organization is a step-by-step process. The following outline describes the actions that take place at each step.

Step 1: Fund

Determine what budgetary support exists for your comprehensive data protection plan, and actively seek management support for the plan.

Step 2: Evaluate

Conduct a backup needs analysis to help you determine which technologies are most suitable for your backup needs. Understanding what data and storage you must protect will help you develop effective and comprehensive backup and recovery plans.

Step 3: Plan

Develop separate backup and recovery plans that address the data protection requirements that your needs analysis identified.

Step 4: Implement

Deploy backup hardware and software and perform the initial backup of the entire data store. Begin schedule of regular full backups and incremental data backups. Move backup data off site (either via tape storage, network links to offsite storage, or Internet-based offsite storage).

Step 5: Test

Regularly test backups to confirm accuracy and test data recovery procedures to guarantee data availability. Test client-side backup and recovery software to assure full functionality. Retest client-side and server-side backup and recovery software after system updates and upgrades. Regular testing will help you catch problems that updating OS software can introduce in otherwise correctly functioning backups and restores.

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