No access to Internet from Azure with new Azure DC

No access to Internet from Azure with new Azure DC

Q. I've created a new DC in Azure and pointed my virtual network to that DNS server but now I cannot get to Internet sites, why?

A. If you have configured your Virtual Network to use your new DC in Azure as the DNS server its important that the DNS server can actually resolve Internet names or no VMs in the Virtual Network will be able to communicate with Internet locations.

Most likely the problem is the forwarders on the DC are not correct. I have commonly seen only the IPv6 root hints present which won't work since Azure only supports IPv4. To solve perform the following:

  1. Connect to your DC in Azure
  2. Start the DNS Manager
  3. Right click on your server and select Properties
  4. Check there are no forwarders (unless you want them) and Use root hints if no forwarders are available should be checked
  5. Select the Root Hints tab
  6. Make sure it is populated with IPv4 addresses. If it is not then add IPv4 root hints, the defaults can be found at

This should solve the problem.

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