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Microsoft Azure Advisor, Monitor, and Resource Health Features Hit General Availability Courtesy of Microsoft

Microsoft Azure Advisor, Monitor, and Resource Health Features Hit General Availability

Today Microsoft's Oren Rosenbloom, the Principal Program Manager for Microsoft Azure, announced on the Microsoft Azure blog that three new features are now generally available to all of the companies cloud customers.

These new tools are available through the Azure Portal or access can be achieved by using the APIs for the services.

According to Rosenbloom, these tools have already seen extensive testing at scale on Azure:

"We have been using these services internally for quite some time to run and monitor Azure at scale, and starting today, you can leverage them to monitor, receive alerts and notifications when your Azure resources aren’t performing according to your plan. Furthermore, they provide recommendations when resources can be optimized."

Here is a break down of each of the three new tools.

Azure Advisor

Will show you best practices, recommendations based on your Azure usage, and show you how to optimize your cloud based resources in Azure. The key focus is on improving the availability, security, performance, and cost effectiveness of those critical Azure resources

Azure Monitor

This feature gives you just one screen to monitor all of your Azure infrastructure. From this portal you will see alerts and diagnostic assistance to troubleshoot any service issues plus real time metrics will provide what Microsoft describes as platform-level telemetry.  This monitoring takes place within all of your Azure resources including apps and workloads.

Azure Resource Health

On this page you will be able to not only diagnose when a problem on Azure is impacting your services but you will also be provided support to help resolve the issue. This page also carries a historical summary of health issues you have experienced in the past.

You can read more about these over on the Microsoft Azure Blog.


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