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Axosoft Offers Visual Studio Plug-in for Subversion Users

Axosoft, a provider of project management, scrum, bug tracking, and requirements management tools for software development teams, has released RocketSVN for Visual Studio, a Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in that allows users of the Subversion open source version control system to access their Subversion repositories from inside of the Visual Studio IDE. RocketSVN for Visual Studio is currently and beta and is being offered for free for a limited time. (Regular price is $49.)

RocketSVN for Visual Studio also features tight integration with OnTime, Axosoft's flagship project management tools to help software development teams Ship Software OnTime. An additional highlight of the product is its keyboard accessibility, allowing developers to perform all major commands without their hands ever leaving the keyboard.

For more information and to download the RocketSVN for Visual Studio v1.0 Beta, visit

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