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Mila D'Antonio

Principal Analyst, Connected Enterprise, Omdia

As part of customer engagement team at Omdia, Mila D’Antonio covers technology that enables connected customer experiences (CX) across the enterprise, with a specific interest in customer engagement platforms, customer data platforms, customer journey orchestration, and intelligent automation.

Mila provides analysis of the key developments in customer engagement applications, data management for enhanced CX, and emerging technologies that improve customer interactions and enables personalized, relevant engagements. She also writes on adjacent developments in the broader contact center market, digital transformation, mixed reality technology, and digital marketing. Prior to joining Omdia, formerly Ovum, in 2017, Mila worked as editor-in-chief at 1to1 Media. In addition, she holds a degree from the University of Pittsburgh where she studied English, journalism, and political science.

Mila’s Recent activity