Aruba launches mobility management tools

Aruba Networks has launched a new set of tools designed to help IT professionals better manage a broader array of access methods and devices on their networks.

The company’s new Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) platform puts enterprises’ control over mobility network services in the cloud, centralizing management of mobile devices on the network as well as security, policy and network performance. The new platform’s ArubaOS Mobility Services engine gives IT managers cloud-based, “context-aware” visibility of all mobile services and devices, regardless of access type.

“Networks were built for a fixed environment,” said Scott Calzia, director of product marketing for Aruba. “Now we have all these disparate networks—there’s no single view of the access network and no way of seeing users.”

Aruba’s aim in part is to help IT professionals manage what it calls the “bring your own device” phenomenon now common in organizations, Calzia said—the practice of employees wanting to use their own smartphones, tablets and other devices to access an enterprise network. Rather than just giving employees a flat-out “no,” Aruba’s solution will give IT managers the visibility and peace of mind to allow those devices on the network securely, he said.

That’s accomplished with what Aruba calls its Mobile Device Access Control solution, which is available first for Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads. The platform enables self-registration and automatic authorization of the devices, as well as features such as device fingerprinting that let IT professionals monitor and manage the devices that access their networks.

“Ninety-four percent of enterprises have no way to monitor employee-owned devices,” Calzia said. “IT needs to be able to identify users, devices and applications, and let users work securely.”



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