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Microsoft Unveils Enterprise Version of 365 Copilot AI Suite

Enterprise customers can use Copilot to summarize emails and catch up on Teams meetings.

This article was originally published on AI Business.

Microsoft is launching an enterprise version of its 365 Copilot this winter. The company announced at its annual Surface event that it is available from Nov. 1.

Teased earlier in the summer, 365 Copilot provides a series of AI-powered productivity tools across the various platforms such as Word, PowerPoint and Outlook.

Enterprise customers will be able to use the Copilot tools to summarize emails, generate content for customers and catch up on points in Teams meetings.

The enterprise version of 365 Copilot joins the $30-a-month premium version unveiled in July.

The enterprise iteration of 365 Copilot joins a growing roster of business-focused AI offerings. Microsoft’s 365 Copilot will challenge OpenAI’s own ChatGPT for Enterprise, IBM's watsonx and Salesforce's Einstein. 

But Microsoft is looking to ease concerns of businesses unsure of adopting AI by pledging to pay the legal bills of users who are sued over something infringing generated by its Copilots.

Introducing Copilot Lab

Also at the Surface event, Microsoft announced Copilot Lab, a collaborative tool to allow users to improve their prompt abilities.

Users can input their prompts and work with colleagues to improve them. Or take example prompts other colleagues have posted for certain tasks.

Microsoft bills Copilot Lab as a way to “help everyone learn to work iteratively with AI.”

Copilot Lab will be later integrated into Microsoft 365 Copilot and accessible via a website to all Microsoft 365 Copilot users.

Other Microsoft Surface AI Announcements

Microsoft also revealed that Bing Chat Enterprise is coming to the Edge mobile app. And that multimodal visual search is coming to Bing Chat Enterprise.

But among the larger announcements was that Copilot for Windows 11 will be available in preview starting Sept. 26. Windows 11 users simply press the windows key plus ‘C’ to access it.

And it wouldn’t be a Surface event without new laptops – Microsoft unveiled the Surface Go 3 and Laptop Studio 2.

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