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Google Cloud AI Reaching Out to Developers

Google Cloud AI has debuted three iterations of its Cloud AutoML service. Also this week: next generation SharePoint Server testing, consolidating hardware driver management, planning to adopt Microsoft Teams and staying up to speed on changes in Office 365.

Now that the buzz over Google Cloud Next 18 has subsided, Google is now taking the time to share more details with developers about the services it launched or updated recently.

The Cloud AutoML service is currently made up of three different services:

  • AutoML Vision: For customers who want to provide their own image datasets rather than use Google’s Cloud Vision API. Instead, they create their own unique ML model based on their collected image data. This still does not require an extensive machine learning or coding background.
  • AutoML Natural Language: This service helps with the prediction of custom text categories using labeled classifications. However, this is another service that allows the developer to create a more customized model instead of Google’s more generic model.
  • AutoML Translation: This ML model is built by providing translated language pairs to make custom translation models for different business uses. Once developed, they can be incorporated to translate the unique language used in various business areas such as finance, technology and medicine.


Microsoft began work on SharePoint Server 2019 and Project Server 2019 Previews.  General availability is expected in the second half of this year; expect the previews at the six different SharePoint Server sessions on deck at Microsoft Ignite in September 2018.

To reduce their OEM partners' challenge of keeping hardware drivers up to date with their operating systems, Microsoft has released an open source framework for their Surface hardware line's Driver Module Framework (DMF).

Enterprises looking to transition to Microsoft Teams in Office 365 can reference Microsoft's just-released documentation on how to create a change management strategy to work towards the adoption of Teams. For a wider overview of user management and education with Office 365, IT pros can reference "Managing changes in Office 365: An overview of resources."

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