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Apple Broadcasting Today's Music Event Live: But Only for Mac Owners

If you're among the majority of Apple's customers--that is, you own a Windows-based PC and at least one of the company's iOS-based devices or iPods--you're out of luck if you want to see today's Apple music event live. To do that from a PC-type desktop, you need to use a Mac. (Apple is also streaming its event to iOS-based devices if you don't mind the small screen and performance issues.) Why shut out the PC? Because they're Apple, that's why. Maybe if they made it too easy to watch, it wouldn't work.

But this speaks to an issue with Apple that's true of Facebook as well: Why is this company so antagonistic to its users? It's just so childish.

If you do have a Mac, or some other compatible device, stay tuned to The event starts at 1pm ET. I won't be covering it live, but I'll do some form of recap. Apple's stuff is just too popular too ignore, which is a shame.

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