ANGOSS Partner Bundles KnowledgeSTUDIO

WhiteCross Data Exploration announced the availability of ExplorationSTUDIO, a solution that integrates ANGOSS Software’s KnowledgeSTUDIO with WhiteCross’ large-scale data mining capability. ExplorationSTUDIO allows telecommunications and Internet companies to analyze massive databases on WhiteCross’ Data Exploration servers. ExplorationSTUDIO provides seamless decision-support technologies—clustering, segmentation, rule induction, etc.—that harness the power of WhiteCross Data Exploration servers through a structured desktop interface or embedded Microsoft ActiveX technology for application building or creating closed-loop decision support. “While ExplorationSTUDIO can be used as an analysis workbench, our vision for data mining is that its capabilities will be integrated into analytic CRM \[customer relationship management\] applications,” says Chris Barfield, WhiteCross CEO.

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