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What Can You Get for the Price of a Samsung Galaxy S4?

What Can You Get for the Price of a Samsung Galaxy S4?

A lot of stuff, as it turns out

Another brilliant Microsoft web ad pokes fun at the incredibly expensive new Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone, pointing out that for its sticker shock price of $750, you could buy a great Windows Phone and $600 of other electronics, your choice.

Of course, to arrive at this set up, you have to grab a very specific handset, the Nokia Lumia 521, a T-Mobile-based smart phone that costs just $150 off-contract. I’m sure it’s a great entry-level phone—positive, in fact—but it doesn’t exactly compare head to head with the S4.

That said, with that additional $600, you could get 3 months of Xbox Music Pass ($30), a 16 GB USB memory key ($20), Monster Purity headphones ($100), and the ASUS Vivobook ($450), a touch screen-enabled Windows 8 Ultrabook. Total price: $750, the same as the Galaxy S4.

We all spend money differently. :)

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