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RIM Enables Android, iPhone porting to QNX

RIM Enables Android, iPhone porting to QNX

With no PlayBook developer stable of its own, RIM is seeking to populate its new Playbook tablet store with Android apps and ported software from other platforms.

Our sister publication Connected Planet has more details:

RIM confirmed it would install an Android runtime on its new QNX-powered BlackBerry playbooks, effectively launching a device that can support its own apps as well as those of its competitors. In addition, the PlayBook will support apps developed in Java and its BlackBerry smartphone platform.

That versatility will give RIM a bevy of apps to support its PlayBook launch in April, but ultimately RIM hopes to build its own stable of developers for QNX. To entice them, RIM is working with Ideaworks Labs, which has designed a multi-platform software development kit (SDK) that allows a developer to build an app in C or C++ and port it over to every major operating system.

Read more about this story on Connected Planet:

RIM’s take on Android: Why not both beat AND join them?

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