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Microsoft: iPhone and Android Have Met Their Match

Microsoft: iPhone and Android Have Met Their Match

Windows Phone is better than iPhone and Android. If only consumers would figure it out

A month after launching its Meet Your Match campaign, in which users of iPhones and Android handsets are challenged to see whether their own phones can stand up to Windows Phone 8. So far, it’s been no contest, Ben Rudolph reports. And almost 90 percent of people who took the challenge preferred Windows Phone.

“So far we’ve run more than 75,000 Meet Your Match challenges & demos across the US, UK, France and Germany,” Rudolph writes in a post to the Windows Phone Blog. “That’s a big number, but what’s even more impressive is that based on these head-to-head customer challenges, a whopping 88 percent of the people who took our post-challenge survey thought that Windows Phone was a better match for them than the phone in their pocket.”

As with its previous “Smoked by Windows Phone” campaign, Microsoft maintains a nice collection of Meet Your Match with Windows Phone videos on YouTube. Here’s a typical example:

And if you want to take the challenge yourself, check out the Meet Your Match web site.

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