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Microsoft Delivers My Xbox LIVE App for Android, iOS

Microsoft on Wednesday announced that it has released the My Xbox LIVE app for Google’s Android mobile OS and has updated the existing iPhone/iPod touch and iPad apps to support new features. This app could be considered a precursor to the coming SmartGlass app for both platforms, as it includes a few features that are available in the Xbox Companion app for Windows Phone and Windows 8.

“The free My Xbox LIVE iPhone app will let you find, learn more about, and control your favorite content from popular entertainment services on Xbox 360,” a Microsoft blog post notes. “You can control the content on your console with play, pause, fast forward and rewind controls directly from your iPhone. The new Discover section will let you find fresh entertainment through your phone to play on your console. You can also access on your phone a quick list of your most recent console activity.”

The iPad version of the app gains “retina” display support, Microsoft says.

My Xbox LIVE for Android

On Android, the My Xbox LIVE app is new. It lets you read and send messages to friends, manage your friends list and invite new friends, read and edit your full LIVE profile (name, bio, motto), change your avatar features and items with the avatar closet, and view and compare your achievement progress with friends, Microsoft says.

Download the latest version of the universal iOS App here (free)

Download the Android App here (free)

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