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How to Make Android and Windows Play Nicely Together

Microsoft and Google may be rivals, but their operating systems share a common soul. They’re both open and customizable in ways that Apple’s Fortress of Perfection isn’t.

It makes a very good combination for those whose computing life consists of a Windows 10 PC and Android smartphone. Microsoft has fully embraced the capabilities of Android, a wise move given how much the company can embed its apps and services at a deeper level than what’s possible on iOS.

However, keeping everything in sync and working so well together requires a little more work than if all your gear comes from Cupertino. But if you’re a regular reader of this site, you probably have the tech savvy to make it happen.

Here’s a peek at how I make this combination work between my Surface Book and Google Pixel XL. It’s by no means the perfect or only solution, but perhaps it will inspire you to stretch your own workflow a little and find ways to seamlessly work between devices.

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