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GetJar, with thanks to Facebook and Android, passes 2 billion downloads

App store GetJar announced a nice milestone today: the crossing of the 2 billion downloads mark, which it says is more than any cross-platform application store has yet accomplished.

Supporting Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Java and Mobile Web platforms, GetJar largely owes its swift arrival at the milestone to Facebook — which, at 100 million downloads is not only the shop's most popular app but has delivered more than a million Facebook Connect users to the site.

"GetJar's social aspects and free business model have been key to our growth, but even more growth is predicted," said GetJar's optimistic founder and CEO, Ilja Laurs.

A thank-you is also owed to Android.

"As we've seen Android interest increase, we've also seen interest in GetJar increase," Laurs continued. "With Android exclusives such as Angry Birds and Cut the Rope, GetJar has become an even bigger player in a field of giants and a destination for free Android apps."

It has also become a target of interest.  Apple — which in July passed 15 billion downloads — takes exception to GetJar calling itself an app store, a term it believes the public associates with Apple. (CP: Apple tells GetJar to quite using 'App Store') Serving the company with a cease and desist letter in June, Apple's legal team suggested GetJar instead call itself a "mobile download service" or "application download service."

GetJar has said it won't be "bullied" and plans to "stand its ground."

But if Wendy's, in a McDonald's-dominated world, can turn the world on to the Frosty without ever saying the world "milkshake," perhaps GetJar — given the might and breadth of Apple's legal team — could do worse than getting a little creative.

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