App Tour: Clip Layer for Android from Microsoft Garage


Clip Layer is another Microsoft Garage experiment  that was developed to fill a gap in the Android mobile operating system.

The app creates an overlay, or a clip layer, that can grab text content from across the interface including areas that would not normally be available or accessible through the normal copy, paste, or share actions.

However, it can also be used to grab text in those apps/areas that do support copy and paste - it will just grab it all instead of making you use the normal selectors and long presses.

Clip Layer also allows you to select multiple items/areas for copy and paste which is something the normal process in Android does not support.

The one thing Clip Player does accomplish is that it evens the playing surface when it comes to the ability to grab text from just about anywhere across an Android based device which can be very handy.

In fact, this app would be great on Windows 10 Mobile and iOS if it gets an opportunity to get ported over to those platforms.

Until then, those of you on Android can try Microsoft Garage's Clip Player by grabbing the download from the Google Play Store.







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