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Build a Data-Driven App in Seconds with Espresso Logic's Live Browser Tool

Espresso Logic recently announced a new product, Live Browser, that lets companies build data-driven apps in 30 seconds with no programming experience needed. With Live Browser, you can interact and modify data from any enterprise database through its fully-customizable HTML5 user interface.

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Traditionally, building data-driven apps has been a complicated task, as the majority of companies have millions of entries stored in their backend databases, and there's typically varying degrees of access depending on the role and responsibilities of the employee. Live Browser simplifies this process, where you can point to your database and apply access control, so users can easily use the app on any web browser or tablet.

Notably, Live Browser provides built-in security for role-based, row, and column access control. There's also authentication manager functionality or you can alternatively use your own corporate authentication. DBAs also have the ability to navigate database schema to better understand tables, columns, and their inherent relationships. Additionally, DBAs can also maintain and update their existing database through Live Browser's ability to explore content and database structure to repair bad data.

Pricing for Live Browser begins at $50 per developer, per month, with production systems starting at $500 per month. Live Browser can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise.

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