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Attunity CDC to Ship in SQL Server Denali

As we see the end of 2010, Mark has written up a great review of the year for Microsoft DW/BI.

In addition, to end the year right, I wanted to be one of the first to congratulate and announce that Attunity CDC will be shipping in SQL Server 2012 (formerly code-named Denali).

Why is this so cool?

1. SQL Server CDC doesnt support real-time data integration with non-SQL Server relational data sources, so we now get out of the box support for real-time Oracle CDC integration with SQL Server Denali
1.1 So...we now have an even stronger story around why your organization should consider leveraging Microsoft SQL Server for your data warehousing needs when your company is largely an 'Oracle Shop'
2.0 For non-data warehousing scenarios (commonly referred to as Operational Data Replication) this is also big news. Sometimes, we all know it can be tough to get funding for 3rd party components and now out of the box DBAs and developers will be able to easily incorporate real-time data integration using Native SQL Server Denali SSIS Components (for extracting data from non-SQL Server data sources).

At B.I. Voyage we have been using Attunity's market leading CDC software for a long time now and it has always met our expectations and our customers for real-time heterogeneous data integration.

The full press release can be found at 

Happy New Years!
Derek & Mark

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