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Survey Online

Halogen Software announced Halogen eSurveyor 3.3 Open, online surveying software that uses SQL Server to store and retrieve survey information from consumers, corporations, and employees. A Web-based survey-management page lets you select and monitor surveys from a common list on the Internet. You can use the responses from previous questions to create new questions. The sample survey library templates let you get started quickly. The skip logic feature lets respondents see only the questions applicable to them. You can eliminate bias by using randomized options for better qualitative data. You can provide instant graphical reports by using sophisticated query options and custom formatting.

Halogen eSurveyor 3.3 Open supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and Oracle. For pricing, contact Halogen Software at 613-744-2254, 866-566-7778, or

Database Administration

Monitor Servers and Network Devices

Breakout Software released MonitorIT 4.0, a tool that lets you proactively monitor your organization's servers' and network devices' availability, response time, health, and performance. The WinServicesWatch feature can monitor Windows services that you select. When the software detects that a watched service has stopped, it automatically restarts the service, and optionally alerts you. The ServerWatch feature monitors for failures, response times, and IP services availability (i.e., SQL Server, HTTP, SMTP and POP3, DNS, FTP, and SNMP). CounterWatch lets you selectively monitor and gather detailed operation data through the performance counters, which are available for SQL Server, Microsoft IIS, and Microsoft Exchange Server.

MonitorIT 4.0 supports SQL Server 7.0 and runs on Windows 2000 and Windows NT systems. Pricing starts at $450 for a MonitorIT server and 10 server and device licenses. Contact Breakout Software at 908-561-5210 or

Access Heterogeneous Databases

Sybase announced Enterprise Connect Data Access 12.5 and Mainframe Connect 12.5, enterprise data solutions that let you transparently access heterogeneous databases. Enterprise Connect Data Access provides connectivity between LAN-based clients and enterprise data sources, including SQL Server, Oracle9i, Informix, DB2 Universal Database (UDB), and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. The software provides transparent access to let developers, applications, and users work with familiar tools. The software features enhanced security with row-level access control and encrypted communications to protect customer data. You can parse and query XML data across the enterprise. Mainframe Connect lets you access and integrate mainframe data and applications. The software also lets you write applications that access mainframe data and that enable the mainframe to act as a client to other Sybase servers.

Enterprise Connect Data Access 12.5 and Mainframe Connect 12.5 support SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. For pricing, contact Sybase at 510-922-3500 or

Developer Tools

Create INSERT Scripts

LockwoodTech Software announced Auto-Inserts, software that creates from any SQL Server 2000 or 7.0 database INSERT scripts that you can archive, email, check into source control, and run against another database. The software handles identity fields and can autosequence the scripting order of tables to avoid referential integrity violations even when you reload an entire database. You can tell the software what data you want scripted, and it will evaluate your data and create a T-SQL script. You can then run the T-SQL script to recreate the same data in another database. Auto-Inserts can script an unlimited number of tables and rows from a database. You can add custom comments to files as you process each table, add PRINT statements to an SQL script, delete all records from each table before processing inserts, and select the number of rows to script for each table.

Auto-Inserts costs $89 for a single-user license and $265 for a site license. Contact LockwoodTech Software at [email protected] or

Analyze Stored SQL Server Data

FMS announced Total SQL Statistics, software designed for Visual Basic (VB) and Visual Studio .NET developers who use SQL Server. The software features statistical functions that let you analyze data. You can access the data in tables, views, stored procedures, and user-defined functions (UDFs). The Total SQL Statistics Scenario Designer lets you create analysis scenarios, which contain information about the data to analyze and statistical options to perform. Total SQL Statistics includes three functions: RunScenario(), Probability(), and Probinverse(). The RunScenario() function saves your selections to run them interactively or to let you invoke them programmatically. The Probability() function lets you calculate probability as used in the Probability Calculator. The Probinverse() function calculates inverse probability as used in the Probability Calculator.

Total SQL Statistics runs on Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, and Windows 9x systems and supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing is $895 for a single-user license. You can download a free personal edition for your home. Contact FMS at 703-356-4700, 866-367-7801, or

Develop Applications That Require Persistent Objects

Pragmatier announced Pragmatier Data Tier Builder, an integrated modeling tool and code and database generator for SQL Server and Visual Basic (VB). The software can simplify the development of applications that require persistent objects. The modeling tool features a GUI with an intelligent treeview, which presents the class hierarchy, a list view, and a details view. The code generator uses an advanced build engine that can optimize code. Pragmatier Data Tier Builder generates all the code necessary for a functional data tier. You can run the generated code on COM+-compatible platforms.

Pragmatier Data Tier Builder supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and costs $895. The software is available in a professional edition and a personal edition. Contact Pragmatier at [email protected] or

Business Intelligence

Build Interactive Web Environments

Active Interface announced IntraSight, graphical-reporting software for business intelligence (BI) that lets you build interactive Web environments. Based on lightweight ActiveX or JavaBean components, the software provides XML-based charting, graphics, and data visualization. You can access dozens of 2-D and 3-D view templates for traditional business charts and for specialized reporting, such as balanced scorecards, network diagrams, geographic information systems (GIS), and process control. IntraSight can query SQL tables and OLAP cubes directly from the browser. You can define update periods for near-realtime reporting of continuously changing data sources pertaining to business or IT processes.

IntraSight requires Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) and integrates with SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server (formerly code-named Tahoe). For pricing, contact Active Interface at 412-901-1184 or

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