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Airline Travel: Your source for regurgitated blog posts ... or something

I've gotten a lot of questions about the "pingback" stuff in my blog's Comments sections. I'm not a Community Server expert, but I'd love to know how to prevent them from appearing. If you do know, please, drop me a note.

In any event, one of the weirdest and most common pingbacks is from a "blog" called "Airline Travel," which appears to be an automatically generated attempt at getting cheap ad revenues. It just mindlessly reposts everything I write here, and does the same to a bunch of other sites too, from the look of it. These posts are always accompanied by an ad. Of course.

To be clear, the Airline Travel blog is utterly without any value whatsoever. I'm just curious to see if they'll mindlessly repost this posting. Either way, the site is ridiculous.

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