Windows Azure Active Directory In About Ten Minutes

Windows Azure Active Directory In About Ten Minutes

No-frills video describes Azure Active Directory, Active Directory Domain Service, and how they meet

Even though Microsoft took the covers off several months ago, Windows Azure Active Directory is still a great unknown to the vast majority of AD administrators. I’ve written some introductory info about it, and intend to cover it in more detail soon, but until then I’ll share interesting Azure AD information as I come across it. Today I watched a great, straightforward video posted by an MSDN blogger with the interesting handle of Plankytronixx, a fellow that’s "a cloud computing evangelist for Microsoft UK."

The video (click the image below) is of him whiteboarding the Azure AD service, what it does and how it differs from on-premises Active Directory Domain Service, and how you can connect the two together to provide single sign on to both Microsoft cloud-related service such as Office 365 and Windows Azure, but also other service providers that support federation.

Tale of Two ADs

Sean writes about cloud identity, Microsoft hybrid identity, and whatever else he finds interesting at his blog on Enterprise Identity and on Twitter at @shorinsean.

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