Q. How do I remove orphaned domains from Active Directory?

NOTE: See tip 7514 » You receive 'Dsremovedsdomainw error with code 0x2077' when you try to remove an orphaned domain using NTDSUTIL?

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 230306 contains the following summary:

Typically, when the last domain controller for a domain is demoted, the administrator selects the This server is the last domain controller in the domain option in the DCPromo tool, which removes the domain meta-data from Active Directory. This article describes how to remove domain meta-data from Active Directory if this procedure is not used or if or all domain controllers are taken offline but not demoted first. CAUTION: The administrator must verify that replication has occurred since the demotion of the last domain controller before manually removing the domain meta-data. Using the NTDSUTIL tool improperly can result in partial or complete loss of Active Directory functionality.

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