JSI Tip 6038. The Active Directory MMC snap-ins fail?

When you try to open the Active Directory Users and Computers or the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in, you receive:

Naming information cannot be located because: Logon attempt failed.
Contact your system administrator to verify that your domain is properly configured and is currently online.

When you attempt to open the Active Directory Domains and Trusts snap-in, you receive:

The configuration information describing this enterprise is not available.
The logon attempt failed.

These problems will occur if the Windows 2000 security settings have become corrupted.

To fix this problem:

1. Open a CMD.EXE prompt.

2. Type Secedit /configure /cfg %SystemRoot%\Repair\secsetup.inf /db secsetup.sdb and press Enter.

3. Type Secedit /configure /cfg %SystemRoot%\Repair\secdc.inf /db secdc.sdb and press Enter.

4. Type exit and press Enter.

NOTE: See How do I reset Windows 2000 / Windows XP security back to the default settings?

NOTE: See Access This Computer from the Network User Right Causes Tools Not to Work.

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