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JSI Tip 5597. How can I change domain controller properties in the Active Directory?

The Properties page of an Active Directory domain controller contains a General, Operating System, Member Of, Location and Managed By tab.

To change any of this data:

1. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.

2. Expand the domain node.

3. Locate the domain controller that you wish to modify, usually in the Domain Controllers container, right-click it, and press Properties.

On the General tab, you can enter a Description. You can check the Trust computer for delegation box to allow this computer to request services from other servers on behalf of remote clients.

4. The properties on the Operating System tab cannot be changed.

5. You can use the Member Of tab to Add or Remove groups from the local domain, or universal groups from other domains in the forest. If you have Macintosh clients or POSIX-compliant programs, you could change the Primary Group, which must be a global or universal group from this domain.

6. The Location tab allows you to change the computers location.

7. The Managed By tab allows you to change the user that is responsible for this domain controller. If you double-click a user in the drop-down list that the Change button displays, their contact information will be propagated.

8. Press Apply and OK to record your changes.

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