JSI Tip 5009. How do I create and configure a site link in Active Directory?

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This step-by-step article describes how to create and configure a site link in Active Directory. Note that for the site link to become active, there must be at least two sites available in Active Directory.

A Site Link object represents a set of sites that can communicate at uniform cost through an inter-site transport. For IP transport, a typical site link connects just two sites and corresponds to an actual wide area network (WAN) link. An IP site link that connects more than two sites might correspond to an asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) backbone that connects more than two clusters of buildings on a large campus, or several offices in a large metropolitan area that are connected through leased lines and IP routers.

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The procedure in this article uses the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in. You can use this snap-in only from a computer that has access to a Windows 2000-based domain. The Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in is installed on all Windows 2000-based domain controllers. To use the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in on a computer that is not a domain controller, such as a computer that runs Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, install the Windows 2000 Administration Tools package.

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How to Create a Site Link

To create a new site link:
  1. Click Start , point to Programs , point to Administrative Tools , and then click Active Directory Sites and Services .

  2. Expand the Inter-Site Transports node (if it is not already expanded), right-click IP (or click SMTP if you want to use SMTP as the inter-site transport protocol), and then click New Site Link .

    NOTE : If you have only one site in Active Directory, you receive a message that states that two sites are required for the site link to work. Click OK to continue.

    You then see your new link in the Details pane if you click the IP node in the Inter-Site Transports node (or in the SMTP node if you created the link with the SMTP transport.)

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