JSI Tip 4688. How do I move the Active Directory database and/or log files to a different drive?

If you have a lesser used drive, moving the Active Directory database and/or log files will improve performance.

To move the database and/or log files:

01. Restart the domain controller and press F8 to select Directory Services Restore Mode.

02. Logon to the appropriate installation as Administrator.

03. Open a CMD prompt and type ntdsutil.exe.

04. At the ntdsutil: prompt, type files and press Enter.

05. At the File Maintenance: prompt:

To move the database

Type move db to <Drive:>\DatabaseFolder

To move the log files

Type move logs to <Drive:>\LogsFolder

06. Type info to view the path and size information.

07. Type integrity to verify that all went well.

08. Type quit and press Enter.

09. Type quit and press Enter.

10. Restart your domain controller.

See tip 3364 ยป How can I remotely defragment the Active Directory database?

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