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JSI Tip 3412. How do I setup the Domain Name System for Active Directory?

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 237675 contains the following summary:

The Domain Name System (DNS) is the Active Directory locator in Windows 2000. Active Directory clients and client tools use DNS to locate domain controllers for administration and logon. You must have a DNS server installed and configured for Active Directory and the associated client software to function correctly. This article guides you through the required DNS configuration.

NetBIOS name resolution (WINS server, LMHosts file, or NetBIOS broadcast) is still required for earlier versions of Windows to resolve network resources on an Active Directory domain.

NOTE: A Windows 2000 Server CD-ROM is required to complete Setup. Installing the operating system from a network share does not work in some scenarios.

Experienced DNS administrators are encouraged to read the steps involved in configuration, and modify them to suit different scenarios. The steps in this article outline a single, simple configuration and do not represent the only possible configuration.

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