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JSI Tip 3341. Your Windows 2000 Active Directory downlevel clients can't use group policies to configure a logon script?

The subject condition is expected behavior.

To workaround this issue, logon to your domain controller and perform the following procedure:

1. Create a logon script, Logon.bat, and place it in the NETLOGON share on the domain controller. The default location of the NETLOGON share is C:\WINNT\SYSVOL\sysvol\<Domain Name>\scripts.

2. Create a batch file called SetLogonScript.bat that contains:

@echo off
net user %1 /scriptpath:Logon.bat /domain

3. Using DUAccts.bat from tip 1660, open a CMD prompt and type:

DUAccts <Drive:>\Folder\SetLogonScript.bat

NOTE: See tip 2815 ยป Windows 2000 CMD help.

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