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JSI Tip 3223. How do I publish a shared folder in Active Directory?

You can publish a shared folder, including a DFS share, in Active Directory.

The process requires two steps, creating the share and publishing it in the Active Directory.

1. Create the share and assign appropriate permissions.

2. Start / Run / dsa.msc / OK.

3. Press OK to start the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.

4. Double-click the domain object to expand it and select the Organizational Unit (OU) in which you want to publish. You can create a new OU by right-clicking the domain object, pressing New and Organizational Unit. Enter the OU name you want to use and press OK

5. Right-click the OU and press New / Shared Folder.

6. Enter the name you wish to users to see the share as.

7. Enter the UNC path to the share, \\ServerName\ShareName or \\\DFSrootName.

Users can browse:

1. Open My Network Places or Network Neighborhood.

2. Double-click Entire Network.

3. Select Entire Contents.

4. Double-click Directory.

5. Double-click the domain name.

6. Double-click the OU.

7. To view the files, right-click the published name and press Open.

Users can search:

1. Repeat steps 1 - 4 in the browse instructions.

2. Right-click the domain and press Find (or expand to the OU, right-click the OU and press Find).

3. Select Shared Folders in the drop-down box.

4. Type the name of the shared folder you want to find into the Find box. You can enter the beginning of the name and/or use wildcard characters.

5. Press Find Now.

6. To view the files, right-click the published name and press Open.

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