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JSI Tip 3202. How do I manually publish a printer in Active Directory?

In tip 2647, I discussed publishing printers in the Active Directory.

If you wish to publish a Non-Windows 2000 based printer, use a Windows 2000 computer to:

1. Start / Run / dsa.msc / OK.

2. Right-click the domain name, or double-click the domain name and right-click the OU, and press New / Printer.

3. Type the name you wish to use in the Name box, such as Published Printer One.

4. Type the UNC path in the UNC Path box, such as \\<ServerName>\<PrinterShare>.

You can also use the Windows Scripting Host by running the %SystemRoot%\system32\pubprn.vbs script, cscript pubprn.vbs <ServerName> <dspath>. Example:

cscript pubprn.vbs PrintServer1 "LDAP://ou=marketing,dc=jsiinc,dc=com"

publishes all the printers on PrintServer1. The pubprn.vbs script only publishes the following attributes:

UNC Path
NOTE: You can add additional attributes by running dsa.msc.

NOTE: If you run the pubprn.vbs script a second time, it will update existing printers.

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