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JSI Tip 2887. How can I create a Computer object in Active Directory for a Windows NT 4.0 BDC?

In Windows NT 4.0, computer accounts are really user objects, using the name of the computer, followed by a $.

The computer account looks like a user when browsing the directory.

The Computer Management application has added features, which can't be used because the BDC is a user object.

To create a computer object for a down-level BDC, use ADSI Edit and NTTEST from the support tools on the Windows 2000 Server CD-ROM. Run Setup.exe from the Support\Tools folder to install them.

To create the computer object for the down-level BDC:

1. Delete the machine account (ComputerName$), if it already exists.

2. Use Active Directory Users and Computers to create a computer object, in the appropriate container, for the name of the BDC.

3. Start ADSI Edit and navigate through the Domain NC to select the new computer account.

4. Right-click the computer and press Properties.

5. On the Attributes tab, scroll to select the userAccountControl in the Select a property to view box.

6. Change the 4128 default value to 8192.

7. If the BDC is already setup, use Nltest to reset the computer account password, otherwise, install the BDC.

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