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JSI Tip 2691. DNS and Active Directory.

Windows 2000 DNS White Paper
"This paper describes the Windows 2000 operating system Domain Naming System (DNS), including design, implementation, and migration issues. It discusses how DNS is implemented in Windows 2000, shows examples of DNS implementations, and describes the architectural criteria that network architects and administrators should consider when designing a DNS namespace for the Active Directory service to provide reliable network naming services."

DNS Requirements for Deploying Active Directory
"This document provides checklists for verifying sufficient resources for the Domain Name Service (DNS) infrastructure when deploying the Windows 2000 Active Directory service. Alternatively, you can use the dcdiag command line tool to automatically verify whether you have the configuration described in this document. You may download the tool from"


Microsoft Windows 2000: Domain Name System (DNS) Troubleshooter
"This troubleshooter is designed to help you resolve problems with the Domain Name System, which maps domain name addresses (such as to IP addresses. Select one of the problems described above, and this troubleshooter will recommend troubleshooting steps that help solve the problem as quickly as possible."


Windows 2000 Active Directory Migration Tool
"The Active Directory Migration Tool provides an easy, secure, and fast way to migrate to Windows 2000 Active Directory service. As a system administrator, you can use this tool to diagnose any possible problems before starting migration operations to Windows 2000 Server Active Directory. You can then use the task-based wizard to migrate users, groups, and computers; set correct file permissions; and migrate Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes. The tool's reporting feature allows you to assess the impact of the migration, both before and after move operations."

Windows 2000 Active Directory Sizer Tool
"The Active Directory Sizer tool allows you to estimate the hardware required for deploying Active Directory in your organization. The estimate provided is based on your organization's profile, domain information and site topology. If your organization consists of more than one domain, answering the domain input wizard multiple times or duplicating existing domains may model multiple domains."

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