Acronyms of the Day: RBS and BLOB

RBS: Remote BLOB Storage
"One of the most important changes is Remote BLOB Storage (RBS). This feature lets you store BLOBs, such as documents in a document library, in a location other than the SharePoint content database. The most easily understood example of this is an implementation that uses the file system provider in order to store document library documents on a server's file system, rather than in the content database," writes Dan Holme in "SharePoint 2010 Stacks the Deck with Improvements" at Windows IT

BLOB: binary large object
"A discrete packet of binary data that has an exceptionally large size, such as pictures or audio tracks stored as digital data, or any variable or table column large enough to hold such values. The designation "binary large object" typically refers to a packet of data that is stored in a database and is treated as a sequence of uninterpreted bytes," Microsoft says.
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