3 SharePoint Challenges and How to Beat Them


SharePoint offers numerous gotchas for unsuspecting admins, not to mention seasoned IT pros. We’ve found that SharePoint disaster recovery, security, and troubleshooting tend to be recurring issues, over and above governance, management, deployment, and search. So we gleaned these nuggets of SharePoint wisdom, in hopes you will use them and prosper.



1.  Disaster Recovery in SharePoint.


“Safeguard Your SharePoint Content with Data Protection Manager”


Learn what it takes to deploy System Center Data Protection Manager 2007 into a WSS 3.0 or MOSS 2007 environment, including best-practice architectures and maintenance requirements of the application.



“Stsadm: Taking Control of SharePoint Administration”


Each SharePoint release has significantly extended the operations that the stsadm .exe command-line utility can do. Now Stsadm in MOSS 2007 offers 183 operations that it can perform, including backup and recovery.



2. Securing SharePoint.


“Use Kerberos to Secure MOSS 2007”



Get help figuring out which Kerberos authentication features you need, what to do to configure these features in a SharePoint environment, and how to verify that Kerberos authentication is working.

“Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and RMS”


MOSS 2007’s feature called Information Rights Management (IRM)  can help you move closer to being in compliance. Take a walk through IRM and the rights management universe and see how secure you can get.



3. Troubleshooting SharePoint Issues.


“Bridging SharePoint's Faults”


SharePoint’s number one fan admits its faults, like having to remember the port number when accessing SharePoint's Central Administration console, having to drill down whenever accessing the Stsadm utility, and assigning a permission level for the Check In Documents feature—and offers tips for dealing with these issues.



Hope these help!


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