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2010 CES: Day 2

What with me being old and whatnot, I'm embarrassed to say I crashed early last night, so nothing to report there. Well, other than the fact that I was then up half the night like a dope.

Anyway, Friday opened bright and early, and after firing off Short Takes, I headed out on the monorail to the LVCC South Hall for Windows Weekly. Like much of Vegas this week, the monorail has been a crowded disaster this week, but it's quicker than taking a cab, especially when you only have one stop to go.

We recorded a live rendition of Windows Weekly at the South Hall broadcast booth, which is just inside the main entrance to that building. If you didn't catch it, I'll post a link to the video on my Windows Weekly page, but this is one where you'll want the video rather than the audio, if only for the demo we got of the Lenovo smartbook and amazing IdeaPad U1 hybrid notebook. If there's any justice in this world, the U1 will win best of show. Lenovo really deserves it.

I hung out by the broadcast booth for a bit for some of the afternoon, but I needed to head back to the hotel room--and connectivity--so I can finish up my print magazine requirements once and for all. I'm working on that now and for the next few hours, but I've got three potential parties to visit this evening, so I'll be busy again in a bit.

More as it happens...

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