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The 15 Dumbest Apple Predictions Of All Time

The Wired blog takes a somewhat unfair swipe at Apple predictions that never came to pass. I mean, really: Is there anyone who can really accurately predict what's going to work and not work with such a volatile company? And where's the prediction that the G4 Cube would be a best seller? That Apple would have 10 percent market share by now? That Leopard would ship before Vista? I'm sure someone predicted all of that.

It's easy to dump ire on anlysts for getting it wrong so often. What those guys do, however, is provide a particular service to particular people. Interpreting what analysts say in terms of truth or falsity is to forget the real lesson we should take from Prof. Frankfurt: words build worlds.

That said, here are some of the most awesome flubs to be found in the futures that people have wished for Apple.

I think that last line shows the wrong-headedness of this. Is this really what "people have wished for Apple," or what they thought would happen at the time, given the conditions of the time?

Plus, they forgot the greatest Apple prediction of all time:

This one's bizarre, but we heard at lunch today that Apple is unhappy with the PowerPC production at IBM and will be switching to Intel-compatible chips this very year. Yeah, seriously.

Oh right. That one happened. :)

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