Tip: Keep Your Portable Audio Player Up-to-Date

If you bought an Apple iPod, Dell DJ, or similar portable audio device and assumed it would be just like a Sony Walkman from the 1980s, you need to get used to a concept that comes from these companies' PC backgrounds: firmware updates. Like a PC, every portable audio player has a small amount of OS code running in its chips, and this code can be updated to fix bugs and add new features, so you're going to want to keep them up-to-date. And because they interface with PCs and, in some cases, Macintoshes, the companies that make digital audio players also release updates to the computer-based software products you use to load music and perform other tasks. One such update, made recently to Dell's DJ, completely overhauls both the device's UI and the way you interact with it from a PC by adding a new Windows Explorer-style drag-and-drop UI. So stay up-to-date, and you're portable devices will be the best they can be.

Apple iPod/iTunes

Dell DJ support

Creative Portable Audio

iRiver product support

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