Q. When you run the Exchange ActiveSync Certificate authentication tool in Windows Server 2003 you receive 'The security ID Security is Invalid'?

When you run EASAuthUploadXMLtoAD.vbs to upload the customized .xml configuration file to the Active Directory directory service in Microsoft Windows Server 2003, you receive:

"The security ID Security is Invalid"
error code 80070539
Line 250 char 9

This issue occurs when you upload to a non-English version of Windows Server 2003, because the EASAuthUploadXMLtoAD.vbs file contains the following line:

Const strDomainUsers = "Authenticated Users"

To workaround this behavior, replace Authenticated Users with the correct group name in your language.

If you are running a Dutch version of Windows Server 2003, the line would read:

Const strDomainUsers = "Geverifieerde Gebruikers"

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