Oracle Secures Search With Authorized Results

Oracle announced its new enterprise search engine, Secure Enterprise Search 10g. The product, which offers Web-based administration and management, returns results from a variety of sources including databases, email systems, file systems, content management systems. The difference between Oracle's solution and other search engines is that Secure Enterprise Search 10g will only return results that a person is authorized to access.

"Compliance regulations mandate that organizations maintain tight controls regarding who can access specific information," said Robert Shimp, vice president of technology marketing at Oracle. "It is increasingly important to provide search technology that delivers results customized to the user's role within the organization."

Built on Oracle Database, the product integrates with multiple user authentication systems and uses a secure repository for storing the search index. While Oracle will count on its massive installed based of Oracle product users as potential customers for the product, the company points out that Secure Enterprise Search 10g is a standalone product and easy to use, and hopes that non-Oracle customers will also become adopters.

Per user pricing for the new product is not set however the company did say that "per CPU" licensing would cost a hefty $30,000 and that the product would be generally available by May 31, 2006. The company made the product available for download at the their Web site where it also offers demo video of the product in action.

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