How can I set up my computer account organizational unit (OU) during unattended installation?

A. Typically, when you create a computer account, it is added to the Computers OU of the domain. Using an unattended answer file, you can configure an OU to house the computer account.

  1. Open the unattended answer file (unattend.txt).
  2. Under the \[Identification\] section, add the following line:

    MachineObjectOU = \[full LDAP path\]<br>

    For example, you might add the line

    MachineObjectOU = "OU = London,OU = Sales,DC = SavillTech,DC = com"<br>

  3. Save the change.

You can also use MachineObjectOU in the sysprep.inf file if you are using the Windows 2000 System Preparation Tool (SysPrep) 1.1. SysPrep is a utility that helps prepare a Win2K Server or Win2K Pro machine for disk duplication or imaging. You can download SysPrep 1.1 from the Microsoft Web site.

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