Fantastic File-System Utilities

You can use two essential third-party tools to level the file-system playing field for a system running multiple OSs. The first such tool—Winternals Software's FAT32 for Windows NT 4.0—is a FAT32-related utility for NT 4.0 users running dual-boot NT and Windows 9x systems. This utility lets NT 4.0 natively read and write FAT32 volumes, but it doesn't let you use FAT32 on the NT boot volume. If you're maintaining FAT32 volumes on systems that run both NT 4.0 and Win9x and need to access the FAT32 volume from both OSs, this handy tool is the answer to your problems. Win9x users will find Winternals' NTFS for Win98 utility equally useful because it lets Win9x users read and write NTFS volumes you create under both Windows 2000 (Win2K) and NT. If you use a multibooting system that combines Win2K, NT 4.0, and Win9x, put these two utilities at the top of your must-have list.

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