Wrapping Up The Week - One Last Windows 10 Build Shuffle for Slow Ring & ISOs for Download

Wrapping Up The Week - One Last Windows 10 Build Shuffle for Slow Ring & ISOs for Download

Can you handle one more build related announcement this week?

Turns out that the Windows Insider team had one more build related maneuver up their sleeve before the weekend got started.

Just after 6 PM Eastern Time (3 PM back in Redmond, WA) the Windows Insider Program Chief took to Twitter and announced that Build 15058 - the Fast Ring build that was just released to testers three days ago on the 14th of March - was now available to testers in the programs Slow Ring.

That makes for a total of four build related releases and ring based promotions in four days this week. By far one of the busiest in Windows Insider Program history and if you go back to last Friday, the 10th of March, the total number of build moves is seven (5 PC and 2 Mobile).

Normally it takes Microsoft about a week to move Slow Ring builds to the Windows Insiders website to make the ISOs available for download and everyone had just gotten the Build 15048 ISOs two days ago after that build cycled to the Slow Ring on 08 March.

However, it seems build related machinations are working well this week on the Microsoft Campus as the ISOs for Build 15058 are already available for download from the Windows Insider Program download website.

Windows 10 Creators Update Build 15058 Slow Ring Downloads

So this weekend there should be a lot of upgrades in the Slow Ring as the vast majority of testers get these builds installed on their devices and start feeding that telemetry back to Microsoft so they can evaluate everything for finalizing the last elements of the Windows 10 Creators Update.



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