Windows Phone UpdateAdvisor App


While Microsoft has not yet released the official update for Windows Phone 8.1 users, on eligible handsets of course, to upgrade to Windows 10 Mobile they are continuing to prepare for its release.

A recent step in this process is the release of the UpdateAdvisor app and its primary task is to make sure you have enough space on your WP 8.1 handset to install the Windows 10 Mobile update.

It will scan internal storage and any SD cards you have in your device and will assist you in moving pictures, podcasts and videos between your handsets own storage to an SD card or OneDrive plus it will help in removing songs, podcasts, pictures and video from the phone.

Once the scan and necessary actions are complete it will check for updates and if one is available it will then point you towards Phone Updates in Settings.

This is the first time Microsoft has released such an app before a major mobile OS update so I suspect there is some concern about available storage on some of the eligible devices.

Speaking of eligible devices - that is a list we are still waiting on from Microsoft to confirm exactly which Windows Phone 8.1 handsets will get Windows 10 Mobile when it is released.

Hopefully, that will come along very quickly so that end users can prepare for their upgrade or lack of upgrade.

No matter which phones are eligible there are going to be some users that will be left out and that will mean a lot of feedback for Microsoft on their decisions.



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